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Complaint Letter | What is a Complaint Letter complaint letter examples

Complaint Letter Complaint Letter How to write? Template Examples

A Complaint Letter is a type of letter written to address any type wrong doing, offence, grievance, resentment arising out of a product, service etc. Complaint Letters are used to raise your concerns about unfair things and seek a productive outcome. They are also used to vent out your pent up emotions arising out of your suffering or bad experience. It is a fundamental right and duty of a citizen to seek justice arising out of any injustice, which is initiated by a Complaint. Complaint letters then, become your First Step towards your Consumer Rights. They inspire other hassled consumers, influence the concerned authorities towards taking proper action and make the defaulters more liable, responsible and responsive. This is because unresponsive behaviour of the offender is liable to a Punishable Court Proceeding or an Expensive Lawsuit.

Writing complaints letters is an essential responsibility of the victim whilst seeking positive outcomes. Complaint Letter writing is not only a pre-warning for the offender but also a chance for them to rectify their act in time. These letters are not just meant for defective products , service they can also be written towards any injustice happening in the society, like ‘ Smoking in Public ’, ‘ Misuse of Water by any Person or an Or xfexykrr. moncler striped technical menuire mens jacket black shortganisation ’ and any issue happening in society which needs to be addressed. Anyone can complaint through letter if there is a legitimate reason. Anyone can write a letter to the administration regarding the pollution, water supply, traffic problems, shortage of electricity etc. You don’t need to be a lawyers or an influential person. All you need to do is to learn to write a complaint letter in an appropriate manner with all the relevant information included. In the matter contained here, you will get all the tips to write a complaint letter.

Types of Complaint Letters

Complaint letters are of different types and different reasons and depending upon that they can be categorised accordingly.

Depending on the level of an organisation or an individual these can be:

Personal Complaint Letters - When a letter is written at a personal level by an individual it is called as Personal Complaint Letter. These are written by consumers to get refund, replace a product etc.  These are also written for grievances’ regarding a service or any issue affecting the individual or society at large. Professional Complaint Letters - When a letter is written on behalf of an organisation it is called known as Professional Complaint Letter. These letters have the backing of an organisation and are mostly related to professional items and services. Complaint Letter Samples Product Complaint Letter Customer Complaint Letter
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A formal complaint letter is composed of an introduction, main body and close. The tone of the complaint letter is clear and concise. The letter includes all information related to the specific complaint, including dates, account number, product or service facts and a detailed explanation of the problem.

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The following example contains all the critical elements of a formal complaint letter.

"Dear Name of Contact Person,

I am writing this letter to inform you about a recent incident that happened in your store. I dropped off my dry cleaning on April 17, and the clerk on duty promised to have my suits ready for pick up on April 20. I was given a ticket that indicated April 20 as the pick up date.

On April 20, I arrived at your store to pick up my suits. At that time, I was told that my suits were not ready. I showed the clerk my ticket, and the clerk acknowledged the April 20 date but told me that my suits would not be ready until the next day. Unfortunately, I needed the suits right away for a business trip.

Due to this error, I had to purchase a new suit. I am requesting a full refund for all cleaning costs related to this suit order. I have enclosed a copy of the dry cleaning ticket for your reference.



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An adjustment letter is a written response from a representative of a business or agency to a customer's claim letter . It explains how a problem with a product or service may (or may not) be resolved.

See Methods and Observations, below.

Bad News Message Business Writing Compose a Letter of Complaint (includes a sample letter) How Not to Write a Letter of Complaint (includes a sample letter) What Is the "You Attitude"? Methods and Observations: "An effective adjustment letter . . . can not only repair any damage done but also restore the customer's confidence in your company." Organizing an Adjustment Letter "An adjustment letter should begin with a positive statement, expressing sympathy and understanding. Near the start, it should let the reader know what is being done, and this news, good or bad, should be followed by an explanation. The letter should end with another positive statement, reaffirming the company's good intentions and the value of its products, but never referring to the original problem. "Whether or not your company is at fault, even the most belligerent claim should be answered politely. An adjustment letter should not be negative or suspicious; it must never accuse the customer or grant any adjustment grudgingly. Remember, your company's image and goodwill are at stake when you respond even to unjustified claims." Guidelines for Saying "No" Diplomatically Thank customers for writing. . . . Open with a polite, respectful comment, called a buffer, to soften your reader's response before he or she sees your "No." Make sure your buffer is relevant and sincere. . . . State the problem so that customers realize that you understand their complaint. . . . Explain what happened with the product or service before you give the customer a decision. Provide a factual, respectful explanation to show customers they are being treated fairly. . . . Give your decision without hedging. . . . Arrive at a firm and fair decision, but don't dwell on it. . . . Turn your "No" into a benefit for readers. . . . Never promise to do the impossible or go against company policy, but do continue to convince readers you have their needs in mind. Leave the door open for better and continued business. The "You" Attitude (1918) "Whatever special point of view the adjustment letter may take, . . . [it] must endeavor to satisfy the customer in such a way as to keep his trade. Therefore, any showing of ill-feeling or anger in your adjustment letter will defeat its purpose. Indifference toward the customer's complaint or delay in answering it is likewise fatal to further business relations. The 'you,' not the 'I,' attitude will put the offended customer in good humor, and open the way for a pleasant settlement of the complaint. An adjustment letter characterized by the 'you' attitude becomes a sales letter." Sources

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